If you have read the title of this post, you will know that it is here to inform you that the server will either not be back under my control. You may see it pop back up with another owner, in which i will tel everybody. For everybody who wants to know why, I was about 95% done with the server, (In Beta) it was almost ready to be released when the host (Ovh / soyoustart) pulled the rug out from under my feet. They took the server asking for identification which I could obviously not provide, I am under age. All of the new files for the server were wiped and all of my work was erased. Lennysgarage on the other hand had the other server files, from before I was even given OP on the server, so nothing was changed, this is why I am telling you the server may be back up without me as Owner. Thi website has at least a month or two left until it will be taken down, so enjoy it while you can I guess. Feel free to share your opinions, but don't ask again why the server isn't up if possible. Direct all your questions to my personal discord account @LegEnd#3811. You are able to friend me and then message me. If you would like further news faster join the discord using the official link below.

We're (Almost) Back!

[Owner] xXHanSoloGirlXx OWNERCO-OWNERADMIN posted Nov 6, 17


As you probably (and honestly should) know, Cookie Craft Prison has been closed for quite a while. We (InformerLegEnd and I) have been doing some revamping, and we can't wait for you to see what we've done!

Here are some of our changes:

Ω Moosiq and Lenny are no longer in charge of the server, and staff has changed quite a bit. We're excited to announce our new Helper and most of the current staff's promotions!

Ω There have been many changes in the forums (courtesy of me :)), including new donor ranks! I won't spoil any more of this for you, but I'll tell you it's really great!

Ω We also did some major rank changing, and we think you'll have a lot of fun with it.

Ω InformerLegEnd is in the process of adding a bunch of cool new stuff! (Trying not to spoil too much, here.)

Ω We (InformerLegEnd) did a lot more than this; you'll have to wait and see what that is ;)

We would also like to mention that everyone who has bought a rank is going to get the rank under their respective rank. We're sorry if this is an inconvenience!

We hope to see you on Cookie soon!

***InformerLegEnd did nearly all of this, thank him every chance you get.***

August 2017 Top Voters

Moosiq CO-FOUNDERGOD posted Aug 31, 17

Oh no summer's over D:

August's Top Voters are:

Next time's rewards are:

1st: 500k MTs

2nd: 400k MTs

3rd: 300k MTs

please don't get mad

July 2017 Top Voters

Moosiq CO-FOUNDERGOD posted Aug 1, 17

I did it.

Oh look it's the beginning of another month.

July's Top Voters are:

Your rewards have been given to you!

Next time's rewards will be:

1st: A Free Donator Rank Upgrade*, 300k Minetokens and 1 Super OP Crate Key

2nd: 200k Minetokens and 1 OP Crate Key

3rd: 100k Minetokens


*If the player is CookieLord rank, they may choose ONE free item from the Donation Store. Restrictions may apply.

June 2017 Top Voters and Canada Day

Moosiq CO-FOUNDERGOD posted Jul 1, 17

This month's top voters are:

It was very close!


Next time's rewards will be:

1st: $600T, 5 Super OP Crate Keys and a Free Rank Upgrade

2nd: $500T and 3 Super OP Crate Keys

3rd: $400T and 1 Super OP Crate Key

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